Marie Janssen

photo by Nathan Murrell     00436606169054

I grew up in the foothills of the Alps in a traditional former farmhouse with 5 tiled stoves, whose tiles our mother – who is also a ceramist – has formed following traditional patterns.

Having graduated in Fine Arts, Painting, from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, I began to pursue this very familiar subject from my childhood.

I was especially interested in those tiled stoves which were richly decorated with reliefs  and pictures recounting allegories and myth. I collected folk tales and proverbs which speak about the oven. What particularly interested me was that the stove is an object of animistic thought which was often endowed with the traits of a living creature, woven with superstitions and mysterious customs.

After a careful study of these central European traditions, while working with Ulla Dreyfuß-Best’s Wunderkammer collection at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the idea of the Shrouded Furnace was born.

I built my first Shrouded Furnace in winter 2014 in the ceramic workshop of the University.

Since then I was resident in different workshops in Austria, Italy and Germany, inter alia in BDA, the National Heritage Agency of Austria, in the training center of traditional handicraft techniques, Mauerbach, and in the ceramics workshop „La fornace di Cunardo“ next to Milan, Italy.

Marie Janssen, born in Munich in 1988, graduated in Fine Arts in 2014 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna.

In the exhibition “The Shrouded Furnace – Project by Marie Janssen” (2017) in the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, three Shrouded Furnaces were on display.

Others were shown in the exhibition “HANDICRAFT. Traditional skills in the digital age” also in the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts and in the exhibition “The matrix of all secrets” together with Andrea and Stefano Cozzi at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro in Milan and a the finalist’s exhibition of Loewe Craft Prize 2018 at London Design Museum

In 2017, the “Shrouded Furnace – Project” was honored with the “Startstipendium” a grant for young Design from the Federal Chancellery of Austria.



21.11.2019 – 01.12.2019 shrouded furnace 3 at MKG fair, arts and crafts in Kunst und Gewerbe Museum, Hamburg


2019 shrouded furnace 5 at Vienna Design Week

2019 Galerie Rauminhalt Vienna, space&content harald bichler, Marie Filippa Janssen – Tuchofen-Projekt

2018 Werkraum Bregenzerwald, contest Handwerk+Form, Firetrunk in cooperation with Matthias Schawerda

2018 4 May – 17 June The Design Museum London, Exhibition of finalists’ works of the Loewe Craft Prize amongst them Shrouded Furnace 5

2018 Mentoring program with Tulga Beyerle, director of the Museum for Crafts and Arts, Dresden and founder of Vienna Design Week

2017 Scholarship for Design and Architecture from Federal Chancellery of Austria

2017 work residence in the ceramics workshop of Matthias Schawerda, Lower Austria

2017 “The Shrouded Furnace-Project by Marie Janssen”, MAK-Forum, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

2016-2017 “HANDICRAFT. Traditional skills in the digital age” Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

2016 work residence in the ceramics workshop “La Fornace degli Artisti di Cunardo”, Cunardo, Milan

2016 work residence at Charterhouse Mauerbach, Training Center for Traditional Handicraft Techniques of the Cultural Heritage Agency of Austria

2016 “The Matrix of all Secrets” together with Andrea and Stefano Cozzi in Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan

2015-2016 work residence in the ceramics studio of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

2014 Internship at Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

2014 Diploma with honors in Fine Arts, Painting, at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2009-2014 studies of Fine Arts, Painting at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, with residencies at Alanuns University, Norway and at Accademia delle belle Arti di Firenze, Italy

The project has been carried out and is endowed with the influences of wonderful friendships and my family.

With many thanks to:

ceramics studio of the University of Applied Arts: Celine Dujardin, Sascha Eselböck, Gerald Pfaffl; Austrian Museum of Applied Arts: Tina Zickler, Dr. Rainald Franz; stove fitter, Erich Moser; Fa. Matthias Schawerda: Anita Höferle, Eva Dürnegger und Vanessa Hanzel; Charterhouse Mauerbach: Astrid Huber, Lorenz Tributsch, Peter Topf, Manuel Boresch

further to: Adam Baltieri, Karsten Bäsmann, Fam. Cozzi, Andrea Cozzi, Steffi Eckelmann-Heller, Johanna Folkmann, Federico Giani, Birgit Glocker, David Herrera, Susanne und Thomas Janssen, Rahel Kupke, Wolfgang Leitner, Markus Maierhofer, Peter Paller, Florentina Prath, Enrico und Michele Russo, Giorgio Robustelli, Saleh Rozati, Fabio Rovagnati, Lisa Schawerda, Anna Steinhäusler, Manuel Strasser, Fam. Teatini, Edgar Tezak, Anna Vidyaykina, Andreas Widhalm